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Dream Theater – End the drama!

BLABBERMOUTH.NET – DREAM THEATER Keyboardist: Writing Without PORTNOY ‘Gave Us More Freedom To Do What We Wanted’.

Having sat on my mouth for long enough, I’ve had enough of Rudess talking smack about Mike Portnoy and have to again add my own $0.02:

“I don’t want to be limited by other people’s desires or abilities.”

Guess what, that’s what being in a band is all about. It’s all about finding compromises and working as a team. Just because you never really got things your way is no reason to lash out like that. Mike and the Johns were there from day 1, you were not, period.

” (…) nailing down a show *…)”

And in the process becoming boring and predictable. Come on Jordan, you’re not fooling anyone here. In the absence of Mike who drove you to excel you’ve become complacent. All you guys can manage different setlists and if the techs can’t manage, fire them and find ones who can cope. I’m sure Trey Anastasio can recommend a few.

“We think the fans will really enjoy it more that way.”

Practically all fans who aren’t hermits would disagree with you there, Jordan.YouTube does a good job of spreading the wealth doled out in every city.  I could listen to the same setlist again and again, but when I pay to go to shows and travel to see more, I expect more from alleged badasses.

“he led this band for quite a number of years and did a good job”

Err… he had always led DT. For 25 years! And a good job?! If his performance was good, Petrucci’s is abysmal!

In conclusion: Don’t get me wrong, I love the new album and I enjoyed the gigs I did see this summer. But I also love the Adrenaline Mob EP and Testimony 2 a great deal. So quit biting the hand that fed you and bury that hatchet. All that energy would be much better spent on resurrecting Ytsejam Records and everything else you guys have not been doing since Mike left.

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The day Dream Theater died

Less than 24 hours ago, Dream Theater, my favorite band, died. No, not Lynyrd Skynyrd style, but they might as well have for being such douchebags.

Apparently Mike Portnoy, their drummer, architect and leader decided it was time for an extended break. Apparently the other four somehow missed the fact that the Beatles, Phish, Megadeth, Metallica and many other bands either stopped touring or simply took extended hiatuses. So Mike did the mature thing and quit.

This would not be as surprising if it weren’t such an idiotic move. We know James is a diva at heart and Myung hardly ever talks, so no surprise there. Petrucci without guitar is like Thor without a hammer, disarmed.

I gotta thank Jordan Rudess though for being so mature and open about the whole thing.Thank you!

Resume gripe mode… Seriously guys, who’s given the most interviews, given the most insight into Dream Theater, basically always stayed behind to do so much more while you were doing who knows what? Mike. Who kept you in line while LaBrie oiled his throat? Mike. The Johns were nothing before Mike and may soon be little more.

Way to dump on everything he’s done! Just be glad that unlike Keith Moon or John Bonham he’s not dead (yet).

And last but not least, how dare you retain the name? There was no Dream Theater before Mike and there will be none without him. It’ll just be another Van Hagar, Alcaholica or Who?!?.

Do make that album. Maybe you’ll reconsider once us grown men in your audiences have been replaced by juggalos, or, worse yet, fainting bimbos!