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Boston: martial law testing lab

Quite apart from its hegelian aspects, the bombing at the Boston marathon last year started the transformation of the greater Boston area into what I’d term a martial law testing facility. Already in the aftermath of the event last year, residents got to experience a DHS and militarized police orchestrated lockdown. Now we’re seeing the use of a smart grid surveillance system and further conditioning of people to accept overbearing authority.

Just like security checkpoints were once confined to airports and then expanded to ports and roads, this year’s marathon sees yet another increase in the use of false security on the form of checkpoints for both participants and spectators. Quite apart from the fact that terrorists wouldn’t bother to strike twice in the same place, having such all encompassing security is not a manifestation of “Boston strong”. “Boston strong” would be to hold the event without pretending that the sky was about to fall.

Realize that both the premise and the conclusion are wrong in this instance. The DHS has not prevented terrorist attacks which would not have happened in the first place had it not been for the disastrous US foreign policy of the last 50 years (at least) and unless they’re stopped, they will be ratcheting up the mistreatment of ordinary citizens until they can’t live without some form of federal dictatorship permit any longer.

The Boston marathon should be about athletic achievements, about being able to run where otherwise you couldn’t. Boston would be strong if its citizens refused to continue to be abused as a DHS sandbox.

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German intelligence service is as bad as the NSA (Comment is free, the Guardian)

German intelligence service is as bad as the NSA | Kai Biermann | Comment is free |

A useful reminder from an otherwise despicable rag. “Your” government isn’t any better just because it claims to despise what the NSA is doing. They’re most likely just as guilty.

In the case of the BND / Germany this was easy to spot when the talk of “secure e-mail” came up. Only someone with no idea of how the Internet works could be so naive as to think that you can keep anything from the NSA / GCHQ just by repatriating your e-mail servers.

It’s a con, people. No government is seriously interested in granting you privacy, especially not if they claim the opposite.

Pessimistic? Maybe, but I doubt it.

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Israel to build migrant detention camp

Israel to build migrant detention camp.

Once again, Israel shows us how things are done properly.  Not only have they mastered the art of airline and general anti-terrorist security, but now also that of effectively dealing with the illegal alien problem.

Israel’s foreign policy and ethnic population management strategies may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they work.

We don’t have to wait for mujahideen to organize in Mexico. Our yearly monetary and material assistance to Israel already should be enough for them to send us experts over to show the luddites in DC how it’s done.

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Obama’s Dignity (Power Line)

Power Line: Obama’s Dignity

So much for him allegedly being a new kind of politician…. The guy just has no integrity at all.

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Quotable: Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff suggests hackers, not Wall Street, are biggest threat to U.S. financial stability

Quotable: Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff suggests hackers, not Wall Street, are biggest threat to U.S. financial stability

It’s the usual “don’t look at the man behind the curtain” distraction. It really is his sort and the “federal” reserve that are slowing down the economy. Not just now though, more like all the time.