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Norwegian woman fighting jail sentence in Dubai for reporting rape – World News

Norwegian woman fighting jail sentence in Dubai for reporting rape – World News.

Another case where some libertarianism would be beneficial. Irrespective of whether European law is superior or not, who are they to tell the rulers of the emirates how to organize their societies?

Evidently their adherence to Islamic law has not hindered the development of a thriving haven for foreign businesses in Dubai. So why should they let outsiders dictate their laws?

I’m constantly surprised when people complain about being treated “unfairly” in Arab nations. There is no excuse not to know about Islamic law when traveling there and therefore no right to complain if you run afoul of it.

As long as the proponents of Islamic law keep it confined to their own nations and thereby out of Europe and nations founded on European culture, they should be free to live life as they see fit. Cruel as it may seem, that approach works best. The meddling of Western powers in the last few decades has proven this over and over.

As long as no one forces you to travel to such nations and be violated at gunpoint, you have no right to complain. Again, there are far more important things to worry about right here at home!

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Lord Chief Justice Wants Sharia in UK (The Jawa Report)

The Jawa Report: Lord Chief Justice Wants Sharia in UK

Seriously, what on earth is wrong with those people? And there I thought Germans were suffering froma severe case of misguided self hatred. Evidently, too many Brits are far worse. Maybe those self haters should make it easier for those who love their country and eject themselves.