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PJB: Don’t Misunderestimate Obama

PJB: Don’t Misunderestimate Obama ::: Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

Obama stands for change alright… He’s changed from lofty extremist rhetoric to being just another loony liberal. Where’s your idol now, kool aid drinkers?

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Pinocchiobama: Lies and the Lying Liar Who Tells Them (he)

Pinocchiobama: Lies and the Lying Liar Who Tells Them – HUMAN EVENTS

The more you dig into Osama’s record, the more you’ll find how unAmerican he really is. While he spouts childish platitudes on stage, he is actually extremely liberal and very Bolshevist in reality.

It’s a shame that his followers would rather be members of his cult than know any part of the truth.

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Rockefeller Apologizes for McCain Remark (Newsmax) – Rockefeller Apologizes for McCain Remark

Hmm… A Rockefeller is supporting Osama and they think he won’t instigate more wars… Yeah, just more proof of the stupefying ignorant blindness of Osama’s sheep.

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OK, So Who’s the White Barack Obama? (he)

OK, So Who’s the White Barack Obama? – HUMAN EVENTS

Mr. Rice is absolutely right. If Hussein Osama wasn’t black and therefore couldn’t play the race card or abuse the white guilt him and his black power ilk have carefully cultivated over the years, he would not have come as far as he has, ever. Even slimeball John Edwards failed sooner, and he too was talking a lot of bollocks.

It truly is amazing and sad at the same time to see so many otherwise intelligent people to become so infantile and ignorant as to support a black separatist racist muslim (once a muslim, always a muslim) with no relevant experience and nothing beyond the ability to lie day and night.

Not only are they extremely naive to support the mongrel, but they’re also naive to think that this greenhorn could really change anything significant. I’ll remind the nitwits out there that there really isn’t too much of a difference on domestic politics between President Bush and President Clinton beyond the fact that the former has more visible wars and the latter had far better PR, both from his end and from the communist media end.

True change comes from the people, not from an Israel endorsed, shite talking puppet.