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NYT being naive on Israel (again)

U.N. Vote on Palestinian State Could Force Israel’s Hand –

If anyone thinks they’re gonna be able to force Israel’s hand, they’re sorely mistaken. For one, the IDF is one of the best equipped and trained armies on the planet, and Israel has never much cared for what the UN thought.

The Israeli government will do what it likes and ignore what it doesn’t. This isn’t the 50s or 60s anymore. A two-state solution will come on their terms, and not anyone else’s.

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New York state plans soft drink ‘obesity tax’ ( / Companies – New York state plans soft drink ‘obesity tax’

The nanny staters have gotten impatient again…

Nevermind that you’d save a whole lot more money by cutting back on freebies (“social services” and the like), but that would mean conservatives are right, something liberals categorically seem incapable of doing.

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Needed: Network bailout? (Variety)

Needed: Network bailout? – Entertainment News, Weekly, Media – Variety

State media anyone? Not that they haven’t been this already, but either way, this will go down the Russian way, not the European way.

Add to this Obama’s love affair with the “fairness” doctrine and market balancing and you have the perfect pretext for further violations of our 1st amendment rights.

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Our Secular President (he)

Our Secular President – HUMAN EVENTS

Like I said, no true muslim, no Christian, just a plain old communist.

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Charlton Heston, R.I.P.

According to FNC, Charlton Heston has passed away.

No law abiding citizen should relinquish his gun voluntarily, ever! Our right to bear arms was acknowledged by the founding fathers and enshrined in our constitution. I trust myself more than the state, so in times of need I must defend myself because the state will fail all too easily.

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Home-schoolers ‘in shock’ over court ruling (Washington Times)

Home-schoolers ‘in shock’ over court ruling – – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

As usual the Stalin fanatics in California can’t stand to have their weaknesses exposed. How dare those parents provide their children with the education the state won’t. 🙄