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Inside the Osama’s squalid hideaway (Mail Online)

Inside the Osama’s squalid hideaway: First pictures of terror leader’s secret lair was barely habitable | Mail Online.

So a terrorist mastermind lived in something little more than a trash strewn building site for over five years? For a few weeks or until the heat dies down, maybe, but years? Hardly.

Even now, we still have no definite confirmation of exactly who was injured, killed or maimed or not at what point at what precise location and the White House still can’t agree on a story.

The story is still fishy and I remain very skeptical. Not that it really matters whether OBL really is dead, there are enough blind followers left and he certainly wasn’t dumb enough to not ensure a clear line of succession.

But the question remains: Why now?

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And in today’s episode of “How OBL died”…

To start today’s episode, the article linked to below again outlines some of the glaring inconsistencies in the White House’s storytelling:

The Slippery Story of the bin Laden Kill – Garance Franke-Ruta – Politics – The Atlantic.

And it’s gotten better since my last post. The White House now doesn’t want to release any images after all, and everyone except for the US, i.e. probably not just the residents of Abbottabad, allegedly knew OBL lived there all these years.

Oh, and that house he lived in… turns out that’s a “former” ISI safe house which is now allegedly owned by some unknown Afghans.

So, to recap, Bin Laden lived in a “former” safe house of the ISI, a department of the Pakistani Armed Forces, which are led by a beneficiary of US influence, and who, conveniently, also happen to maintain their armed forces academy right down the road from where Bin Laden lived.

And the US government did not know?! What hope is there then that they will now bother to thwart Al Qaeda’s new strategy of achieving their goals through small scale attacks?

Now everybody say it with me: Pull the other one, Barry!

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Whose story is it? (h/t POLITICO 44: Whiteboard Archives)

POLITICO 44: Whiteboard Archives for May 03, 2011.

This is significant. If the White House even now can’t seem to get the story straight about who did what where, who dies, who shot, etc.. then there’s clearly something wrong with this picture.

Once again, I do not believe that representatives of “the leader of the free world” (he isn’t) couldn’t order a high ranking officer to speedily debrief / interrogate all living persons involved in the raid, sum up the information and deliver their report to their Commander in Chief. This is rudimentary intelligence work, not science.

This is all symptomatic of a situation where someone invents an only partially true story and then asks everyone to memorize and disseminate it. It’s as if no one in the White House wants to admit to having thrown the baseball that broke the window.

And again I say, pull the other one, Barry!