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Patriotism is not a dirty word

Today’s tragic events in Brussels once again demonstrate what can happen when a country engages in foreign adventures unrelated to their national interests and at the same time fails to integrate foreigners. EU nations would do well to learn pretty quickly that patriotism is not a dirty word and that insisting that new arrivals integrate and assimilate is neither xenophobic or nationalist, it is plain common sense and very much necessary for a country to remain secure.

Say what you will about banking, Switzerland is the perfect example of how to be both proud of you identity and welcoming of others at the same time: By remaining neutral, staying out of other people’s affairs they have become a prosperous and very secure nation, and all without succumbing to police state measures or excessive “nanny-stateism”.

By remaining a true nation state (as opposed to a mere region of a super state) and therefore remaining in control of who can enter the country, they can afford to integrate and support new arrivals. In return, they expect that those newcomers will assimilate and assume Swiss values. As a result, there are no terrorist attacks on Swiss soil. Funny how this works…

In Switzerland there are no muslim ghettos, no no-go zones, no shanty towns and no troops on the streets.

And don’t say “banks”. Switzerland is proof that by minding your own business, taking care of your own and acting in your own interest as opposed to those of the Washington cabal you can be safe and prosperous and do so irrespective of how much your neighbouring countries whore themselves out to foreign interests.

Don’t be afraid to, as a nation or culture, know who you are and take rightful pride in your accomplishments. The world will notice, pay attention and leave you alone in return.

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Switzerland to remain independent

To anyone who thinks today’s referendum had anything to do with racism or xenophobia, you might want to consult a dictionary. Non-EU citizens have always been subject to immigration restrictions. There is no other reason for why most professional immigrants are European when there are millions of talented professionals beyond the EU.

Also, it wasn’t even a vote to end immigration or to cut it down to a trickle. We the, the Swiss people, gave our govenment a mandate to find a better solution to our situation. Ideally, foreign nationals would come here to work and live and integrate like they used to, but the open door policy the federal government agreed on with the EU has created a situation where not only have valuable immigrants arrived too fast for the integration system to work properly, there has also been a wave of benefit cheats and deadweight type migrants entering Switzerland. One can hardly blame them considering the attractiveness of a wealthy state. But we, the citizens of this nation, can ask our govenment to better control these developments. And that is all the referendum was about!

Ideally, an open door policy would work. But just like open plan offices, it hasn’t. It is unfortunate that it had to come to this, but this vote was necessary to protect our way of life, and to a greater extent, our liberty. We Swiss have always been very proud of our independence and the riches it has brought us. We were among the richest on the planet before the EU, and we’ll remain so even if the unelected buerocrats in Brussels want to take their proverbial ball and run crying to their parents.

Like the prisoner who has come to love his cell, many outsiders seem to have forgotten, that this is what self-determination looks like. It’s OK to be jealous if it leads to improvements elsewhere.

Last but not least, when was the last time the Swiss Federal Council implemented a referendum exactly the way the fear mongerers thought? We Swiss do very well at negotiation and compromise, so untwist your panties and calm down!

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Beady Eye cancel Zurich gig

Beady Eye | Good News.

I just got back from there. (See my updates on twitter). They played 5 songs and Liam left before the last one finished.

That was classic Liam. Typical tame Swiss crowd, venue not sold out (but plenty of fans) and it seems he wasn’t having any of that. Liam did not loose his voice, more like his bottle!

Promoter came on and said they might do a make up gig. Not holding my breath though.

Got a setlist and a guitar pick at least. But what a let down…

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Soros & Co. engineering EU’s demise

“This crisis has the potential to be a lot worse than Lehman Brothers,” said George Soros, the hedge fund investor, citing the lack of an authoritative pan-European body to handle a banking crisis of this severity. “That is why the problem is so serious. You need a crisis to create the political will for Europe to create such an authority, but there is still no understanding as to what the authority will do.”

via In Euro Zone, Banking Fear Feeds on Itself –

That quote says it all. Soros essentially admits that he and his NWO buddies have created and fueled a debt crisis to force the EU into tighter integration through the creation of a fiscal union. Add to this that Rompuy is hankering for the United States of Europe presidency and you have the perfect storm. Kiss your sovereignty goodbye EU states. It’s like I’ve said before, your NWO overlords don’t like free independent states.

This is also further proof that both the EU and the Euro (even more so) were very bad ideas, bad enough to move the Swiss national bank have to institute barriers in the form of a cap on the Swiss Frank to keep the EU from ruining its international trade.

Myself and other mature minded people warned at the time that especially the Euro was a very bad idea. Seems like the fall out is finally reaching them.

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Swiss voters approve harsher deportation plan (DW)

Swiss voters approve harsher deportation plan | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 28.11.2010.

Here’s hoping the Swiss government will tell those “human rights” groups to go get stuffed. It is the Swiss people’s right to determine their own fate, and they have decided to expel the most serious of criminals. It’s like taking out your own trash. You produce it, you facilitate its processing, simple.

Once again, the US could learn a lesson from this. Not that deporting alien criminals would be effective considering the porous southern border, but the principle of not wasting money or unnecessarily giving rights to criminal aliens does seem very reasonable and rational.

Unfortunately, the initiative will probably turn out to have been an excercise in futility as the Swiss long ago abdicated a part of their sovereignty when they recognized the ICC’s legitimacy and later even more when they joined the Schengen zone. Total sovereignty guaranteed safety for centuries, shooting yourself in the foot never has.

When will people learn that the NWO won’t tolerate sovereigns?

Sports » Miracle Goal! Swiss Upset Spaniards at World Cup » Miracle Goal! Swiss Upset Spaniards at World Cup.

This is what victory looks like. Just goes to show how far you can go without relying on bailouts.

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Happy 718th birthday Switzerland!

It was today 718 years ago, that the first three Swiss cantons formed a union when they wrote and signed the Bundesbrief.

Today that union has grown to a total of 26 cantons but has lost none of its vigor and still stands proud as an island of freedom, neutrality and independence. If anyone gives Brussels a big “up yours!” it’s this country.

There may be some critics, but the fact that the quality of life is very high, taxes are low, income is high and every rich person trusts us with their money must mean we’ve gotten something right.

May this federation last forever!