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Russia is not the enemy

In the unfolding conflict in the Ukraine, I have for the first time been forced to rely on Russia Today for balanced and truthful information. While RT usually is mainly useful for the sort of background information you’d only find on the Internet away from mainstream outlets, they are now proving to be an invaluable source of insight into what is happening, as opposed to what the EU and the USA want you to think is happening.

While I am well aware of RT’s allegiance to the Kremlin (heck, Eduard Shevardnadze’s granddaughter is one of their figureheads), they are nowhere as loyal as the allegedly free media out here are to the official storytellers of “the west”. Even if you filter out their storybook portrayal of Russian officials, you’re still left with more balanced information.

Take this piece of NWO propaganda, for example, or this “analysis”, also from the allegedly unbiased BBC:

  • The BBC keeps referring to “Pro-Russian separatists” to imply that somehow those residents active in the eastern Ukraine are somehow Kremlin loyalists and not patriotic Ukranians.
  • The same article, in line with guidelines for Western media, calls the junta in Kiev “the central government”, refusing to ever mention that they are illegitimate and to a great extent made up of neo-fascists the Russian media refers to as “Neo-Nazis”, either way right wing extremists who are doing the EU’s bidding by fighting against the Ukraine’s own interests.
  • The “analysis” states: “Some 40,000 Russian troops remain massed on Ukraine’s border. Military drills are under way.” While that may be true, it never mentions the US troops present in Poland and NATO troops also present in the region, both doing the exact same thing they claim Russia is wrong to do. Even if that were so, at least they’d be Russian troops massing on Russian soil, not American and western European troops massing just west of the Ukraine.

This crisis has highlighted western hypocrisy like I’ve rarely seen before. John Kerry has been the worst. The man who once prided himself on having led protests against the Vietnam war, now beats the drums of war against Russia, disingenuously claiming that what the US does never constitutes invasion or conquest. What are Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya if not nations conquered by US forces? The only reason we can’t call those three annexations is because they don’t share land borders with the contiguous 48 states.

Say what you will about the Russian government, but remember that the oligarchy that calls itself the US government and which already over half of Americans realize does not represent them, commits vastly more crimes outside its borders all the time than Russia may have when they invited the Crimean peninsula to join their federation.

The only reason why the US and the EU installed a puppet junta in Kiev in the first place is the prize they’ve got their eyes on now: natural resources in the eastern Ukraine. Just as in every major conflict of the recent past, it’s about oil, drugs and minerals.

No one side is innocent in this conflict, but the allegedly impartial European and American media are certainly guilty of hiding the truth and disseminating the propaganda written for them by the western oligarchy.

Once again, the blending of “their” version and “our version” results in the truth. Dare to consume foreign media if you’re strong enough!

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And in today’s episode of “How OBL died”…

To start today’s episode, the article linked to below again outlines some of the glaring inconsistencies in the White House’s storytelling:

The Slippery Story of the bin Laden Kill – Garance Franke-Ruta – Politics – The Atlantic.

And it’s gotten better since my last post. The White House now doesn’t want to release any images after all, and everyone except for the US, i.e. probably not just the residents of Abbottabad, allegedly knew OBL lived there all these years.

Oh, and that house he lived in… turns out that’s a “former” ISI safe house which is now allegedly owned by some unknown Afghans.

So, to recap, Bin Laden lived in a “former” safe house of the ISI, a department of the Pakistani Armed Forces, which are led by a beneficiary of US influence, and who, conveniently, also happen to maintain their armed forces academy right down the road from where Bin Laden lived.

And the US government did not know?! What hope is there then that they will now bother to thwart Al Qaeda’s new strategy of achieving their goals through small scale attacks?

Now everybody say it with me: Pull the other one, Barry!

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Whose story is it? (h/t POLITICO 44: Whiteboard Archives)

POLITICO 44: Whiteboard Archives for May 03, 2011.

This is significant. If the White House even now can’t seem to get the story straight about who did what where, who dies, who shot, etc.. then there’s clearly something wrong with this picture.

Once again, I do not believe that representatives of “the leader of the free world” (he isn’t) couldn’t order a high ranking officer to speedily debrief / interrogate all living persons involved in the raid, sum up the information and deliver their report to their Commander in Chief. This is rudimentary intelligence work, not science.

This is all symptomatic of a situation where someone invents an only partially true story and then asks everyone to memorize and disseminate it. It’s as if no one in the White House wants to admit to having thrown the baseball that broke the window.

And again I say, pull the other one, Barry!

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NPR Ends Juan Williams’ Contract After Muslim Remarks : NPR

NPR Ends Juan Williams’ Contract After Muslim Remarks : NPR.

Oh yeah, how dare Mr. Williams tell the truth?! This is yet another prime example of liberal hypocrisy and further proof that the NPR might as well call itself NDNCR.

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Steam Valve Open

Being safely removed from my past, I will now no longer be silenced and have my say about my time around YKW. And if this irks anyone, hard cheese! The truth must be told, because the coverage of YKW is far to biased.

If you’re of any relevance in the web business industry, I’m sure you’ve seen one or heard of them. What you hear is a convincing case, something no publisher would turn down if someone ever wrote it all out.

What lies below, however, is an immensely expensive endeavor, all propped up by credit and venture capital. A wonderful model it is, but like any supermodel it’s very fragile, much like the egos of those running after them.

YKW culture is to them what the cow is to Hindus, absolutely holy. They will sacrifice anything to avoid hurting it in any way no matter the cost. Strong leaders could fix this, but don’t look now… it’s doing something unbecoming its ideals.

In lower management positions where whims and personal preferences of “leaders” are given more weight than their professional competencies or experience. Never mind industry standards, science or common sense, like sp** *rats…

YKW isn’t bad overall, it’s merely being ruined by a bunch of bad apples. If you want to go, you better brush up on blind follower skills because yes, being an a**-kissing conformist will get you very far.

This had to be said dear Obama worshippers. Sorry.

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CO2 truths

Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy

A little reality for the ignorant masses…

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Malaysian Furore Over Dutch Film (Al Jazeera)

Al Jazeera English – News – Malaysian Furore Over Dutch Film

Yeah, how dare they tell the truth in the Netherlands… If muslims are calling you out, you know you’re exposing them for the suicidal barbarians they really are. It’s no wonder they’re a problem now, when they only lived in deserts, no one had to care what nonsense they believed.