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COVID-19 Observations #1

Having followed the development surrounding COVID-19 (a.k.a. the novel coronavirus) for weeks now, I feel I should start writing now to emphasise things I have learned and come to value.

First, there is the importance of context. Unless you are able contextualise a piece of information you can’t judge its value. A good example is the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the now well known incubator of COVID-19 moored near Yokohama, Japan: While many panicked about the apparent ease with which the virus infected people on board, I posited, as the Washington Post has now reported: “[the ship was] a vessel never designed as a medical quarantine facility.” It is therefore also no surprise that on a ship teeming with infected crew and passengers, many others would eventually be infected as well. Incidentally, did that repatriation plane have separate AC systems on either side of the plastic sheeting? (1)

Then there is the danger posed by idiots who, incapable of following simple instructions, endanger the life of innocent people. The passengers from the Westerdam cruise ship who disembarked in Cambodia are but one example. An even more idiotic one was the Chinese woman in London who despite blanket coverage of government advice endangered an A&E department at a local hospital where she arrived by taxi. As this came after yet more media coverage of the first UK super spreader, this made her more idiotic than those down in Brighton who, despite advice not to do so, went and endangered frontline health workers at their GP surgery. It is idiots like these who make me think that maybe the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is onto something when they forcibly arrest or detain people.

The most important thing to remember about this disease right now is that there is more we don’t know than what we do know. Those who do know or could find out the most easily, the CCP, are scared witless and aren’t being honest with the world because either way they go they’re in for hard times.

It is my sincere hope that those with influence and power will learn how foolish it is to rely on China as the world’s factory and only supplier and that it is effectively highly immoral to force the common people into consumerist illusions of wealth and prosperity by way of cheap goods and seemingly endless supplies of fiat money just so that they don’t have to participate in the common marathon of life. This is the dark side of globalism, a sort of worldwide socialist nightmare, where because of the alien nature of the 0.1% everyone will eventually suffer.

Thank goodness for all the supposed “far-right extremists” who are fed up and have begun to fight!


  1. 1:
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BBC ignores UK far-left

Russell Brand ‘Con-Dems’ MSM blackout of 50,000-strong anti-austerity march

One critical observation absent from the “debate” on this issue is that, just like Occupy Wall street, this “People’s Assembly Against Austerity” is, true to its name, a far-left / Labour / social democrat / communist organization playing into the elite’s hands.

Russel Brand has become a tool in the hands of the elite, who, as they have for ages, rely on a repeated cycle of Hegelian dialectic to extort the population.

The entity commonly known as the UK government has for decades overspent on buttering up miscreants and assorted lefties with excuses for laziness in the form of oversized benefits. Now that funds are nearing depletion, they have to institute austerity measures, as of course paying for the exploitation of anyone not in the elites comes first. Now in order to legitimize the next phase, they’re creating this false outrage to have a reason to extort even more money from the honest and decent among their people in the name of “helping the poor” or some other nonsense.

Just like with other celebs, Brand would be better of focusing on what he’s best at (and even there he’s crap), being a comedian. He has now definitely proven that he knows sod all about how politics really works.

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Britain Braced For Anti-Muslim Backlash after Woolwich Beheading (IBTimes UK)

Britain Braced For Anti-Muslim Backlash after Woolwich Beheading – IBTimes UK.

Wow, I think it’s more a case of free speech being under attack, more than Muslim “suffering”.

That people could get arrested for “racist” tweets is scary. Unless they’re actively working to commit violence, it should be those authorising the arrests that should do time for wasting taxpayers’ money.

No wonder the EDL and the UKIP are growing…

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Britain braces for possible copycat attacks (My Way News)

Britain’s domestic spy agency of MI5 has long warned of the difficulties in predicting self-starter attacks, or attacks that are inspired – not necessarily organized – by larger groups.

via My Way News – Britain braces for possible copycat attacks.

Bollocks! When Labour opened the floodgates predicting became much easier. Unchecked immigration will lead to such clashes between cultures and races, “extremist” religions or not.

Besides, in this case they knew the lead attacker beforehand, no predicting necessary!

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Occupy the London Stock Exchange? They’re not even occupying their own tents (Telegraph)

Occupy the London Stock Exchange? Theyre not even occupying their own tents – Telegraph Blogs.

No surprise there. Most of those hippies are communists in name only. They’re lazy useless critters who enjoy all the spoils of a capitalist society but would never give anything in return. It’s no wonder they call for communism. How else could they steal from honest working people to finance their filthy habits?

It’s time the Met moved in and cleared them away. That squat definitely classifies as a nuisance and eyesore now. Or make them work for the privilege of soiling the city. Rotating 12 hour shifts in various quarries ought to do.

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What the Occupy protests tell us about the limits of democracy – The Washington Post

What the Occupy protests tell us about the limits of democracy – The Washington Post.

Funny, a naive person criticizing other naive people. Ok, fair point, the Post if full of naive idiots, but I’ll ignore that for a minute…

Applebaum is right of course in pointing out what lessons in actual political science (as opposed to the Marxist nonsense they teach nowadays) the hippies at the “occupy movements” have not learned.

But, and this is a big but: The system has failed. If only voting did bring about change, if only politicians were human.

The actual reality is that votes don’t matter and the vast majority of politicians are ultimately very much alike. And they don’t care about you.

P.S.: Yes, Mustaine for President! 😉

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Could the days of the British “pint” be numbered? – Yahoo! News

Could the days of the British “pint” be numbered? – Yahoo! News.

From the idiots who brought you the half pack (of cigs) now comes this doozie. Unfortunately many people will miss the fact that they’re demanding ever larger sums of money from you, and as always, do so out of sheer greed.

To quote whoever Rep. Paul quoted: Don’t steal. The government hates competition.

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London Riots

TUITION FEES VOTE PROTEST: Charles and Camilla’s car attacked as thousands of students descend on Parliament | Mail Online.

Demonstrations are ok, but when spoiled brats go as far as those idiots in London, anything short of machine guns with live ammo should be fair game.

Such childish brutes should all be arrested and definitely barred from ever attending any university in the UK. Higher education is a privilege, not a right!

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‘Go green or we’ll kill your kids’ says Richard Curtis eco-propaganda shocker – Telegraph Blogs

‘Go green or we’ll kill your kids’ says Richard Curtis eco-propaganda shocker – Telegraph Blogs.

Although UK lefties have gone into full scale denial, as usual, the message of the video is clear: Acquiesce to the demands of the globalist eco terrorists or die.

In response I’d have to say: Not bloody likely, and especially not if we get you first.

So Mr. Curtis, to quote on of your pals, I love you dearly (non-gay) but please shut up!

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Pope Benedict Speech At Palace Of Holyrood House Sparks Row Over Atheist And Nazi Comments (Sky News)

Pope Benedict Speech At Palace Of Holyrood House Sparks Row Over Atheist And Nazi Comments | UK News | Sky News.

Never mind that the rank and file of the NSDAP weren’t atheists, the good pope obviously has also never heard of Godwin’s law.

Hey papal speech writers, do a bit of research and avoid embarrassing shortcuts, it’s not difficult, really.

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blur ARE BACK!

NME article

blur will be playing the first of a series of reunion concerts on July 3 2009 at London (UK) Hyde Park.

This is awesome news, so awesome that I might just schedule my vacation time around that date.

So lads, don’t do a Gordon Sumner (or Shumway for that matter) version and do this for the right reasons, please.

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Musicians Speak out Against Racial Profiling at London Clubs

Musicians Speak out Against Racial Profiling at London Clubs | Atypical Events

So clubs can’t protect themselves by calculating which groups are most likely to cause trouble? That’s like ignoring US federal statistics and then claiming we’re all equal.

As for the musicians, they should follow Laura Ingraham’s advice to shut up and sing!

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Giant database plan ‘Orwellian’

Giant database plan ‘Orwellian’

They could just tighten and enforce immigration law, but that would be too simple of course… 🙄

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In bad taste: John McCain’s ten worst jokes (Times Online)

US Elections – Times Online – WBLG: In bad taste: John McCain’s ten worst jokes

Actually, I’d say they’re some of his best. And they’re not tasteless, they’re merely unsuitable for translucent skinned people, a.k.a. liberals. Liberals dare to say the worst things about anyone not communist enough but when it comes to taking a joke they become the biggest crybabies you’ve ever seen.

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Unemployed UK Muslim “Scrounger” With 11 Kids Stays Home Cause It Pays More (Immigration Watchdog)

Immigration Watchdog » Unemployed UK Muslim “Scrounger” With 11 Kids Stays Home Cause It Pays More

Criminals like that guy should be deported from wherever they cheat the system in such a flagrant and shameless manner. This will never happens of course as our communist overlords welcome such scum by the boatload.

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Lord Chief Justice Wants Sharia in UK (The Jawa Report)

The Jawa Report: Lord Chief Justice Wants Sharia in UK

Seriously, what on earth is wrong with those people? And there I thought Germans were suffering froma severe case of misguided self hatred. Evidently, too many Brits are far worse. Maybe those self haters should make it easier for those who love their country and eject themselves.

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Faceless ‘aliens’ spotted in crowd at Wimbledon (Daily Mail)

Faceless ‘aliens’ spotted in crowd at Wimbledon | Mail Online

Someone summon Dr Who… 🙂