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US Appeals to “Law of the Jungle” in MH17 Case (Land Destroyer)

The abject failure of the United States to once again put forth credible evidence amid a firestorm of propaganda and rush to judgement – and subsequent action – echoes the attempted rush to war after NATO-member Turkey and Saudi Arabia assisted terrorists from the Syrian Al Qaeda franchise, Al Nusra, in carrying out a false-flag sarin gas attack in Damascus in August 2013. It also echoes the fallacious, fabricated evidence peddled before the United Nations regarding Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” that in fact did not exist – but led to the invasion and nearly decade-long occupation of Iraq and over a million dead.

via Land Destroyer: US Appeals to “Law of the Jungle” in MH17 Case.

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A tale of two worlds

In the wake of the MH17 tragedy, the awake amongst us have once again been able to contrast Russia’s mature, statesman-like and simply rational response with the West’s childish name calling, lying, slander and propaganda consisting of fabrications.

Compare their fantasies with Russia’s detailed, illustrated and bilingual presentation. No sane person presented with both sides would side with the West. Unfortunately, most voters cannot deal with the slander bombing undertaken by Western media (and they in turn dare not report truth or on reality) and thereby acquiesce and simply parrot the fiction spread by “their” media.

I am not Russian nor brainwashed by the FSB or RT and RIA Novosti. I am informed.

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Proof that Ukraine conflict is about natural resources

For weeks if not months, the enlightened observers of the Ukraine conflict, including myself for some time, have been pointing to the causus belli of the supposed “conflict between Kiev and Moscow” in Ukraine: natural resources, or in other words, the hydrocarbon basins located below East Ukraine and the Crimean Republic.

The Dnieper-Donets and Azov-Kuban hydrocarbon basins essentially cover much of east and south Ukraine as well as the Crimean peninsula, as this USGS report proves.

The rest of the puzzle, as of today, is a doddle, as Del Boy would say: The main licensee of those basins is Burisma Holdings, whose board has appointed none other than United States Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, as director.

The US oligarchs thought they had the situation under control after their “Nazi” puppets seized power earlier this year. Then the Crimeans pre-empted the realization of their control by leaving Ukraine for Russia. Now they really had to up the pressure to keep Donetsk and Luhansk from doing likewise, so they sent CIA director Brennan over to personally green light the fratricide we’ve been witnessing for the past few weeks.

While it is true that given their historical background, the entire eastern half of Ukraine has a greater tendency to feel a greater connection to Russia than to the EU, this is all mostly a grievance cleverly exploited by “the West”. Poland is under EU, US, IMF, etc. control, so if the Lviv region wanted to join Poland, for example, there would be no problem whatsoever.

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Another puppy protest

Reddit, Mozilla, rights groups to protest online snooping in memory of Aaron Swartz — RT News.

Whenever leftie groups start efforts as cute as that one, I can’t help but think of peacenik Rimmer.

Don’t get me wrong, something ought to be done, but what those puppy protesters need to learn is that governments don’t care about us. Cruel but true.

All such puppy protests accomplish is to motivate governments to rebrand their efforts and do a better job of hiding them, sort of like thieves have to necessarily perfect or revise their methods whenever law enforcement catches on.

The question is, as it has been for ages, who’s holding the gun? Right or wrong don’t matter when (deadly) force is on your side.

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The UN Says the Ukrainian People Must Decide their Fate, NATO Wants Something Else | Global Research

“One can only wonder how many of the “demonstrators” in Kiev were spontaneously and authentically opposed to Yanukevich’s government.”

via The UN Says the Ukrainian People Must Decide their Fate, NATO Wants Something Else | Global Research.

I called this weeks ago. Now it becomes clearer what is actually at stake. I think it’s a good rule to especially ask why when people behave as illogically as those allegedly in favor of EU extortion in the Ukraine.

It is only because of such NATO / US “government” idiocy that I’ve become a supporter of President Putin and his policies. His conduct is that becoming of a true statesman, gentleman and adult. I can see how of course he is part of the same dialectic as “the west”, but at least he is a much greater pleasure to witness in action than “the west”.

Let us hope that we the awake can grow our numbers this year. There’s nothing worse than a closed and diseased mind.

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Pat Buchanan: ‘Whites Are the Only Group That You Can Discriminate Against Legally in America Now’ | NewsBusters

Pat Buchanan: ‘Whites Are the Only Group That You Can Discriminate Against Legally in America Now’ | NewsBusters.

Once again, Buchanan is right. To assume that Asians excel at hard science and math is racist, but to assume that whites will get whatever they ask for is not?!

True, technically the standards are the same for everyone, but a white applicant who can just about afford college but misses the mark has no fallback. Who will give him a chance? If any white person will have a comfortable life anyway, why is there a white lower class? Why are there so many poor white people? Wakey, wakey, discriminating against whites is racist too!

The time when whites are no longer a super majority in any state of the US is approaching fast. What will it take for the blind to finally become color blind as MLK asked for?! When he spoke of a color blind society he did not mean go out and screw the white man at every turn.

Once again, the choice is clear: Either we can all have special interest groups, or none of us can. If skin color doesn’t mean anything, ban the NAACP and La Raza!

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Draft for women – equal rights, equal duty

Think women exempt from draft? Think again.

Unlike the previous gender mixing efforts, this possible gender related change is a positive one.

For years I’ve been hearing women wanting equal rights. Now finally the consequences may be brought to bear. Equal rights should, in society as they do in nature, come with equal responsibilities. Until women’s rights groups and feminists acknowledge that due to the biological differences between men and women they can never be truly equal and that thus rights and duties ought to differ, forced equalizers such as the idea of a gender neutral draft are necessary.

And while we’re on equality, by the way, this should next be extended to racism. If racism really is evil, the NAACP, the Congressional black caucus and La Raza should be declared illegal. Either all race based benefits are racist or none are. The very idea that “minorities” can have racist associations due to some long gone discrepancy does not mean that they can now be granted exclusive benefits. Reverse racism is still racism. Equality means to be color blind, not to favor one color over another.

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Recreational drugs and how to deal with them

I’m beginning to think that we should deal with recreational drugs the same as with other than marriage unions, i.e. stop arguing and interfering.

If weak-minded morons want to ruin their and their families’ lives by consuming illegal drugs, let them, but don’t bill the rest of us. Let them kill themselves, but don’t tax me to pay for the outcomes of their follies. Deal with them however harshly you like once they can no longer be maintained. Those who are too stupid to respond to tailored offers of help may just be destined to erase themselves and their defectiveness.

As long as the truth wasn’t kept from them like it often is nowadays and they verifiably still choose to harm themselves but no one else, I don’t see why we should waste time on them.

I am not proposing we return to savage do or die behaviors, but there needs to be some pruning in the interest of sanity. There are things way more important than the well being of idiots.

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Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond U.S. banks to industry, foreign firms

Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond U.S. banks to industry, foreign firms.

For anyone bothered or surprised by this, let me remind you of the following quote:

“Give me control of a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” — Mayer Amschel Rothschild

The fed will remain untouched. Congress will fake some “stern measures” and then sit back down because they know better than most how the fed has them by the balls, or conversely how cowardly, corrupt and weak virtually all members of Congress are.

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Cities/Counties and Groups Boycotting Arizona over SB1070 – Patriotic Resistance

Cities/Counties and Groups Boycotting Arizona over SB1070 – Patriotic Resistance.

See above for localities to boycott if you support US law.

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Weak minded leadership kills

A quick comment on the 7th season storyline of 24:

If I were in “president” Taylor’s shoes, I would put American lives first, no matter what. Screw African banana republics, screw all foreign nations who don’t deserve our support by working to better their own lot.

And yes, this would mean leaving nations like Iraq alone. If they can’t harm the US, they’re not our problem. Foreign entanglements of the fictional 24 and the real life Iraq kind only cause trouble we don’t need. I’d rather have thousands of Americans alive and a few Iraqis dead because of Saddam than the other way around.

We’re not the only nation capable of helping others. Let middle eastern nations help each other, western European nations help each other and eastern European nations help each other, at least until the US economy and all associated problems have been sorted out.

Compassion is good, but not when it kills Americans!

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Opinion: U.S. Debt’s Appeal Has Limits (

Opinion: U.S. Debt’s Appeal Has Limits –

Yeah, something else I’ve been saying. Say, you wouldn’t have a job for me, mainstream media, would you? Oh wait, you hate people who don’t fall in line… Never mind.

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The futility of debating idiots

The Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy has laid out an argument I’ve often made.

It appears that these days it’s futile to try to hold an intelligent debate with most people as most seem too dumb and unintelligent to be able to debate or even worse use any facts at all. This isn’t just a matter of difference of opinion, it’s that far too many people are utterly incapable of realizing how brainwashed they’ve been by the media and political figureheads (a.k.a. politicians) and therefore can’t realize that they’re spouting media platitudes and being childish while their opponent may well be of a quite different breed.

This is why we have the electoral college as you still can’t trust ordinary citizens to make qualified decisions. Mind you, in an age where even the electoral college is made up of such morons, this safeguard no longer works as intended. What is needed is a set of mandatory civics and history exams for anyone in any position to make political decisions. If you’re too dumb to pass those you’ve no business being in politics, as a politician or a voter.

This isn’t elitism, it’s a factual look at reality. Most people are too dumb to make important decisions.

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Musicians Speak out Against Racial Profiling at London Clubs

Musicians Speak out Against Racial Profiling at London Clubs | Atypical Events

So clubs can’t protect themselves by calculating which groups are most likely to cause trouble? That’s like ignoring US federal statistics and then claiming we’re all equal.

As for the musicians, they should follow Laura Ingraham’s advice to shut up and sing!