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Bin Laden – Why now?

Among all the hubbub of Osama’s assassination, one question stands out in my mind: Why now?

It still sounds ludicrous that the most powerful nation on earth would take almost 10 years to find the equivalent of a Wahhabi superstar and then hesitate to provide undeniable proof when he is apparently shot. And this victory, which Obama had about as much of a hand in as a bellhop has in transporting your luggage, comes at a time when O’s ratings are at an all time low and even prominent members of his own party are doubting his chances for a second term.

Something smells fishy here and it’s not my socks.

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Labor Party crushed in town hall voting (The Washington Times)

Labor Party crushed in town hall voting – – Breaking News, Political News & National Security News – The Washington Times

Good to see that British voters haven’t lost all sense of right and wrong. Now that they’ve thrown out one communist, they can hopefully follow that with more tory victories.