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Switzerland to remain independent

To anyone who thinks today’s referendum had anything to do with racism or xenophobia, you might want to consult a dictionary. Non-EU citizens have always been subject to immigration restrictions. There is no other reason for why most professional immigrants are European when there are millions of talented professionals beyond the EU.

Also, it wasn’t even a vote to end immigration or to cut it down to a trickle. We the, the Swiss people, gave our govenment a mandate to find a better solution to our situation. Ideally, foreign nationals would come here to work and live and integrate like they used to, but the open door policy the federal government agreed on with the EU has created a situation where not only have valuable immigrants arrived too fast for the integration system to work properly, there has also been a wave of benefit cheats and deadweight type migrants entering Switzerland. One can hardly blame them considering the attractiveness of a wealthy state. But we, the citizens of this nation, can ask our govenment to better control these developments. And that is all the referendum was about!

Ideally, an open door policy would work. But just like open plan offices, it hasn’t. It is unfortunate that it had to come to this, but this vote was necessary to protect our way of life, and to a greater extent, our liberty. We Swiss have always been very proud of our independence and the riches it has brought us. We were among the richest on the planet before the EU, and we’ll remain so even if the unelected buerocrats in Brussels want to take their proverbial ball and run crying to their parents.

Like the prisoner who has come to love his cell, many outsiders seem to have forgotten, that this is what self-determination looks like. It’s OK to be jealous if it leads to improvements elsewhere.

Last but not least, when was the last time the Swiss Federal Council implemented a referendum exactly the way the fear mongerers thought? We Swiss do very well at negotiation and compromise, so untwist your panties and calm down!

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Cities Weigh Letting Noncitizens Vote –

Cities Weigh Letting Noncitizens Vote –

Once again liberals are furthering the decline of the US as a great and respectable country. When it’s this easy for a permanent resident to get naturalized, there is absolutely no reason to give non-citizens a right that never has and never should belong to them. True, it is somewhat lopsided that they pay taxes but don’t get a direct say in how they’re spent, but there must be a discernible difference, otherwise why bother having any restrictions on citizenship?

And on that note, it’s high time that birthright citizenship was abolished and naturalization tests were made tougher. Just because most citizens born to two US citizens know jack squat about their own country does not excuse immigrants, many of whom often are unworthy of becoming citizens, from setting a good example.


Obama and the Natural Born Citizen Clause (American Thinker)

American Thinker: Obama and the Natural Born Citizen Clause

What exactly is Obama scared of? Or more to the point, are most Americans really too dumb to care?

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The eHarmony Shakedown – Michelle Malkin

The eHarmony Shakedown — Michelle Malkin — GOPUSA

When will liberals / marxists / leninists accept the fact that normal and healthy society does not believe homo “rights” to be civil rights? It’s like those perverts in California have got it all wrong… Nevermind that no one’s civil rights are being infringed, homos have just as much right to marry as anyone else, they too can enter into a union with a member of the opposite sex (born that way obviously). The difference is that they, mentally handicapped as they are, somehow think any sane and healthy person would want to pervert and abolish marriage too.

Wrong homos, we like marriage, deal with it!

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Some People Aren’t Smart Enough To Vote (Political Vindication)

Some People Aren’t Smart Enough To Vote | Political Vindication

A point I have made for a long time. If you can’t pass a basic civics test you should not be allowed to vote. The best way to hold politicians accountable and to get true leaders in office is to have an educated electorate. If this were the case communists like Obama would never make it because they only succeed if the ignorant masses follow them.

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Barack Obama & the Wisdom of Forrest Gump (American Thinker)

American Thinker: Barack Obama & the Wisdom of Forrest Gump

A good interpretation of Osama’s body language and why he should not be elected.