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Recreational drugs and how to deal with them

I’m beginning to think that we should deal with recreational drugs the same as with other than marriage unions, i.e. stop arguing and interfering.

If weak-minded morons want to ruin their and their families’ lives by consuming illegal drugs, let them, but don’t bill the rest of us. Let them kill themselves, but don’t tax me to pay for the outcomes of their follies. Deal with them however harshly you like once they can no longer be maintained. Those who are too stupid to respond to tailored offers of help may just be destined to erase themselves and their defectiveness.

As long as the truth wasn’t kept from them like it often is nowadays and they verifiably still choose to harm themselves but no one else, I don’t see why we should waste time on them.

I am not proposing we return to savage do or die behaviors, but there needs to be some pruning in the interest of sanity. There are things way more important than the well being of idiots.

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Rahm: Obama Will Agree to 9,000 Earmarks(You Been Hoodwinked) (Count Us Out)

Rahm: Obama Will Agree to 9,000 Earmarks(You Been Hoodwinked) « Count Us Out

As if we needed more proof of what a cunning trickster Obama is… Now even earmarks are completely OK again.