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NHS funding

Below is a letter I just e-mailed to my MP. I find it disgusting that HM Government spends far more tax money on welfare and healthcare than defence at a time when we’re allegedly under grave threat from terrorism. Yes, I sent it through the leftist 38Degrees, but only for convenience’s sake.

Many believe the NHS needs more funding. Being of a more libertarian persuasion myself, however, I do not believe in additional taxation but of a decrease in wasteful spending instead. So I’m getting in touch to see if you could attend the debate on health and social care on Monday afternoon.

I know this is late notice, but it’s an important opportunity to start working on solutions for NHS and social care funding. Having recently received an overview of how much of my taxes is spent on welfare and healthcare, I would welcome advocacy for more balanced spending priorities. I do not believe it is right to spend disproportionately more on welfare than on defence at a time when the government claims we are under severe threat from terrorism.

I believe the government needs to be much more stringent in clamping down on NHS abuse by non-entitled persons such as tourists or high wealth residents. There also appears to be room for a reduction in coverage for non-essential procedures. NHS spending should be based on sound principles, not political expediency!

On the more Labour flavoured side, 38 Degrees have produced some research laying out 28 different policies that could help get the NHS the money it needs. They can be found here:

If you aren’t able to attend the debate, please could you write to the Chancellor about how we can run the NHS more efficiently, or talk to your colleagues about the policies?

Thank you.

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States consider drug tests for welfare recipients (Count Us Out)

States consider drug tests for welfare recipients « Count Us Out

Finally! If you can afford to buy drugs, you don’t need or deserve welfare.

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California controller to suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants (LA Times)

California controller to suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants – Los Angeles Times

This is what happens when you coddle criminals like California does. It’s good to see that California will finally pay for its disregard for the law.

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Obama’s Dignity (Power Line)

Power Line: Obama’s Dignity

So much for him allegedly being a new kind of politician…. The guy just has no integrity at all.