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Read this first

Seeing as how even old horses like the Stones and The Who¬†still have newbies at events, here’s a few key points about the wire:

  • Don’t take things literally. Seriously, I will not be held responsible.
  • There’s plenty of opinion here, but also pitch black humor, satire and deep thoughts.
  • Sometimes if you don’t “get it”, I probably didn’t intend for that to happen. No hard feelings.
  • If I tried to explain, we’d still be here in the afterlife.

N.B: The serious, business stuff is elsewhere.

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Bin Laden – Why now?

Among all the hubbub of Osama’s assassination, one question stands out in my mind: Why now?

It still sounds ludicrous that the most powerful nation on earth would take almost 10 years to find the equivalent of a Wahhabi superstar and then hesitate to provide undeniable proof when he is apparently shot. And this victory, which Obama had about as much of a hand in as a bellhop has in transporting your luggage, comes at a time when O’s ratings are at an all time low and even prominent members of his own party are doubting his chances for a second term.

Something smells fishy here and it’s not my socks.